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Safe and Caring Schools

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is a partner in the Violence Prevention Initiative of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. In support of this initiative, the Student Support Services Division of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has established a Safe and Caring Schools Initiative to promote safe and caring learning environments and to be pro-active/preventative in addressing violence issues.



School Wide Behaviour Expectations 

In addition to the safe and caring school policy, Corner Brook Intermediate has implemented School Behaviour Expectations.   Students and Parents/Guardians should review the following matrix.




                        E x p e c t a t i o n s              


Respect for Self

Respect for Others

Respect for Environment

Respect for Learning

All Settings

-Dress, speak, and act appropriately 

-Be mannerly

-Practice good hygiene

-Respect personal space

-Be scent sensitive

-Use good manners and appropriate language and tone

-Respect all school staff

-Practice and promote safety

-Place garbage and recyclables in appropriate bins

-Respect all school property and equipment

-Keep all areas clean and in good condition

-Listen to and follow instructions

-Be prepared and on time

-Respect others’ contributions

-Use inside voice



-Walk appropriately and safely

-Walk to the right

-Move between classes quietly

-Stay with your group

-Appreciate/respect others’ displays and space

-Limit your time in the hallway

Office Area

-Wait patiently and quietly

-Be courteous and wait your turn

-Take all belongings when you leave

-Visit office only with teacher permission


-Be prepared

-Give your best effort

-Be attentive

-Speak in turn

--Take all materials with you when you leave

-Respect instructional time

-Use personal electronic devices for educational purposes only

--Respect deadlines


-Make healthy food choices

-Respect line ups

-Sit appropriately

-Share space with all students

-Remove all food and drink items from tables prior to leaving

-Take responsibility for any mess

-Visit cafeteria only during designated times

School Functions/Field Trips

-Follow expectations

-Stay with your group

-Represent school in an appropriate manner

-Be aware of locale rules

-Leave environment as you found it

-Treat the activity as a learning exercise



-Wear appropriate gym clothes

-Participate to the best of your ability

-Encourage others

-Share equipment

-Practice good sportsmanship

-Use equipment appropriately

-Use indoor footwear only

-Eat and drink elsewhere

-Actively participate


-Sit in seat facing forward

-Enter and exit bus single file

-Follow the rules outlined by the bus driver

-Approach bus only when it has come to a complete stop

-Wait in designated areas

-Practice safety rules

Washroom/Change Rooms

-Secure personal items

-Take personal belongings

-Wash hands

-Respect privacy of others

-Be aware of others’ comfort level

-Notify staff if area needs maintenance

-Use a reasonable amount of time

-Return to class as soon as possible

Computer Labs & Library

-Work quietly

-Use for educational purposes only

-Share equipment with other students

-Return things to proper place

-Eat and drink elsewhere

-Log off computer when finished

-Report technical issues immediately

-Focus on task given

-Use appropriate research sites


Digital Environment

-Use appropriate avatars/usernames

-Recognize the public and permanent nature of digital actions

-Choose secure passwords

-Be aware of privacy settings

-Use social media appropriately

-Represent school appropriately

-Respect members of the online community

-Be sensitive to cultural identities

-Get permission to edit shared files

-Be aware of and promote cyberbullying school policy

-Get permission to upload and download files

-Use school approved software only

-Use appropriate etiquette for digital learning environments

-Be aware of legal limitations

-Use appropriate digital content

-Follow instructions and rules of specific sites

-Save and back up your work regularly