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Traffic Flow and Parking

Parents/guardians are asked to not stop/park in the drop-off/pick-up lanes in front of the school.


We continue to see vehicles stopping in those lanes creating unecessary congestion. If your child is not waiting by the door, please go the the parking lot located between the tennis courts and the school board office.


Parking on the sidewalks is also causing damage to the concrete so we are also asking that you refrain from doing that as well.


Also, be sure you don't turn left onto Mt. Bernard Avenue as you leave the road between our lot and the Cathedral because you may be subject to a $115 fine and lose 2 points if seen by RNC.


Parents/guardians and visitors to our school are asked to NOT park on the Cathedral parking lot. You are asked to use the newly developed parking lot or the parking lot of former Presentation Junior High School.