Allergy Reminders

Please be reminded to avoid bringing and/or sending peanut, tree nuts, cantaloupe and/or shellfish products to school due to severe allergies

Math 7 Instructional Videos and Interactive Practice Assessments

Math 7 Instructional Videos and Interactive Practice Assessments are now available for both Math 7 English and French Immersion students and parents.

To login to the resource you need to go to Google Chrome and enter

All Corner Brook Intermediate students have been issued an account that will be used to register for this resource.  Students should see their teachers to obtain their username and password if they haven't already done so.

Once the nlesdonline account information is known, please follow these instructions to register:

If you would like to take advantage of the videos without logging into the Moodle, please visit the link below:

We encourage all students to take advantage of this fantastic resource!







CBI Parking

Parents/guardians and visitors to our school are asked to NOT park on the Cathedral parking lot. You are asked to use the newly developed parking lot or the parking lot of former Presentation Junior High School.



Youtube Math Link

The YouTube link below for NLESD constructed Mathematics 7, Mathematics 7 (French), Mathematics 8, and Mathematics 1201 instructional videos are functional once again.

These videos were created by NLESD teachers, including teachers from Western Region, and cover the main topics in each of these courses. Eventually, these videos will also be stored in an online intervention Moodle location for student and/or parent access through student Google accounts. Further information regarding this will follow when it is available.

In the interim, please feel free to continue sharing the link below with students and parents to further support student learning.

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